• Numerical Optimization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Engineering
  • Digital Transformation

Optimal Computing is an SME established in Belgium, in the Walloon region. It develops a new generation low-code platform, VISUALIA, allowing the design of software and mobile or web applications 10 times faster than by the traditional IT approach (More info on www.visualia.be).

Using VISUALIA, the design of a business application becomes simple and accessible to all! The designer (not necessarily developer):

  • Configures and launches data processing blocks (creates 'workflows').
  • Copy, drag, and paste interface components.
  • Creates connections between data and interface components.
  • Copy, Paste artificial intelligence functionalities in the application
  • Deploy on all major hardware : Windows, Mobile Android and iOS, Mac or Web

Software can therefore be entirely designed by making clicks and component configurations.

You can benefit from the advantages of VISUALIA in 2 modes:

  1. Optimal Computing uses VISUALIA to design software for you.
  2. You use VISUALIA yourself to design your applications.

Optimal Computing specializes in application development. We have a large experience in the design of software with an important component relating to data science, artificial intelligence, algorithms in general and engineering.

Optimal Computing regularly participates in European research projects and is labeled for carrying out digital transformation projects as part of the Walloon region's company checks.

Optimal Computing is labeled for “cheques entreprise” in the Walloon region.

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