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NEW VERSION 2.4.1 (Released 24th September 2015) : Free trial available here
* New feature : flexible response surface viewer

Would you like to know the best design to maximize your product performance? Or the most efficient design to minimize the operating cost? Or the best allocation of your limited resources to maximize your profits?

With Xtreme you can tackle problem like these ones and many more similar challenges. Xtreme can solves problems in many engineering disciplines (aerodynamic, structure, virtual manufacturing, noise, vibration, …), as well as in finance, scheduling, manufacturing, budgeting, buildings and many more. Virtually any design problem that can be modelled using your own simulator, a commercial simulator or even Excel can be solved using Xtreme.

Xtreme is based a very advanced optimization techniques based on a long experience in the field of optimization. 
  • This is the most efficient numerical optimization technique you will find on the market reducing by a factor of 10 to 25 the required number of simulations to reach your optimum
  • The software is very simple to use thanks to huge development efforts performed to avoid “expert” parameters to be used and tuned. As a consequence you can concentrate on your own discipline and let the optimizer find the best solution for you. 

Xtreme provides several very efficient optimization algorithms : the FASTGA being the genetic algorithm coupled to the artificial neural network, our efficient Genetic Algorithm (GA), multiple objective optimization (MDO) algorithm based on Pareto Front techniques and finally Pareto Front algorithm largely accelerated by the use of artificial neural networks.

Xtreme is provided in 4 different packages : 
- A stand alone powerful graphical interface
- As a Microsoft Excel AddIn
- As a C / C++ API
- As a python library