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  • Numerical Optimization Stand-alone Interface

Numerical Optimization

Xtreme Caligraphie is the perfect software to find the best solution to many optimization problems: you are facing a complex engineering decision process? you want to minimize your costs, you want to find the best resource allocation?

Xtreme is based on advanced algorithms coming from artifical intelligence techniques using the most advanced genetic algorithms coupled to artificial neural networks.

Moreover, the strenght of OPTIMAL COMPUTING technology comes from the unique and optimized coupling between the genetic algorithm and the neural network.

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Software Engineering

OPTIMAL COMPUTING provides a broad range of expertize in many area of software engineering:

  • Advanced web services, complex business intelligence process (i.e for the finance sector)

  • Numerical Optimization expertize from simple applications to complex engineering applications and strategies

  • Cloud computing (i.e. using amazon web services)

  • Advanced and specific software developped in Java, C#, C++, mobile Apps

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