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Digital transformation of your enterprise has the capability of bringing revolutionary changes and efficiency in your day-to-day business

Our product Visualia allows to develop numerical tools in your enterprise in some clicks. Indeed, Visualia is a low-code development platform allowing to build your own cross-platform software in a few days using only drag and drops.

We also offer complete software development services based on long experience. We develop various type of software dedicated and customized to your business:

  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
We offer auditing and project management which can benefit from public subvention up to 75 % through the 'chèques-entreprises' mechanisms in the Walloon region (Belgium)

Some applications: Dedicated ERP, Full logistic apps for parcel transportation (2 million parcels a year, apps including back office, DB, mobile apps, parcel announcement, notification services), development of a bespoke software deployed on Windows 10/11, web applications, deployment of applications on the Amazon cloud, web portal and data acquisition

The Digital Transformation of your company

We develop dedicated software for your organization: applications developed to manage your logistics and supply chain, mobile applications and front end applications set up on your desktop or on the cloud. We are used deploying applications on the cloud so that you do not have to rely on expensive and hard to maintain servers. These apps help companies getting the correct products to the right place at the right time via the most cost-effective manner.
Numerical Optimization
Numerical Optimization

The Walloon region is providing large financial grants up to 75 % of the cost to help the digitalization of your company. Do you want to develop or update your digital processes? The digital Maturity Grant 'Chèque-Maturité numérique' allows you to be helped by a professional to:
  • Draw up an inventory of your digital maturity,
  • Establish a plan for implementing your company's digital processes (IT infrastructure, information flow, production process, new organization of work via digital, ...),
  • Support you in monitoring the implementation of the digital plan.
Example of an application developed to manage a logistics warehouse

Numerical Optimization
Numerical Optimization


We offer artificial intelligence services to improve your business using your data to find innovative solutions

We have 20 years experience in AI techniques. Artificial Intelligence helps you in many domains:

  • Find solutions or find better solutions that cannot be found by humans because of the complexity or amount of data
  • Automate tasks which are boring, repetitive or impossible due to the required amount of human resources
  • Faster solutions to solve some tasks that would take humans days or weeks
  • Huge amount of data can be handled by IA techniques which would not be possible otherwise

Some applications: forecasting energy consumption based on past data, object recognition, self-learning algorithm to find optimal strategies

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Artificial intelligence is capable to find the solutions that are not possible using human reasoning or any other mathematical algorithms. This can be the case when trying to predict the future from past data. A typical example is when trying to predict the energy consumption for today+1, today+2, and today+3 as we did it for a residential house. We were able to predict the energy consumption with an incredible level of accuracy using 2 years of measured data

Keane multi modal test function
Keane multi modal test function
Numerical Optimization
Numerical Optimization

Artificial intelligence is capable to automate tasks involving a huge amount of data that are not possible using human resources. This is the case in image and video analysis and recognition
Artificial intelligence is capable to learn engineering solutions from virtual simulation software to predict unseen configurations in a fraction of a second instead of hours or days of calculations. A typical example is when trying to predict the metallic deformation due to the welding of beams on a metallic structure.
Welding Sequence Initial Deformation
Numerical Optimization


Numerical optimization efficiently and automatically finds the best solution for a given application using simulation software

Our product Xtreme is based on artificial intelligence techniques to discover the best solution. Xtreme will find the most innovative solutions during your virtual product development cycle.

We offer consulting services to set up the best design process for your needs and to provide you with the best and innovative product based on your preferred simulation tools.

Some applications: water pump design, compressor design, wind turbine design, building energy optimization for the best cost/performance scenario, welding sequence optimization, routing/planning optimization

Helping you to solve complex optimization problems

No matter the industry you are working in, we can help in finding the best solution to improve your product or to improve your process. Traditionally, you have a simulation software, or even an excel program, able to simulate the performance of your product or your process and the question you have is how can I change my product or my process to maximize or minimize some objectives such as performance, cost, lifetime, reliability.

Numerical Optimization
Numerical Optimization
Numerical optimization helps you to solve this problem in manyof applications:
  • I have a CFD software and I want to improve the performance of my pump or my compressor or wind turbine
  • I have a software capable to compute the mechanical stresses inside my product and I want to decrease the weight while keeping the same strength and lifetime
  • I have to define the best sequence in my manufacturing process
  • I have to find the best insulation strategy for a building while minimizing the cost
  • I have a resource allocation problem and I do not know in which sequence to perform the task or to allocate the resources
We help you also in the field of simulation software and process integration:
  • I need to perform fluid (air, liquid) or mechanical simulations
  • I have several simulation software and I would like to automate the simulation process
  • I have a simulation software and I would like to use it inside a numerical optimization process
Numerical Optimization
Numerical Optimization

How we help you?

We help you in 2 different ways: a software product is available or we perform the optimization for you based on a deep understanding of your applications and goals.
  • We have developed a software product called Xtreme based on 20 years of experience in finding optimal solutions for engineering and industrial applications. The Xtreme software is based on Artificial Intelligence techniques able to learn to design the best possible product or process for you.

    Please visit our product section Here
  • We have long experience in providing services to find the best solution for you. We like understanding in depth your problem and your objectives and based on our long experience we propose the best approach to maximize your improvement objectives. We can use your simulation software or we have access or experience with many simulation software from partners in CFD, structural mechanics, mesh generation, turbomachines.
Numerical Optimization

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