17th June 2019 : New Xtreme version 2.7.16     Download it here.
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Discover Xtreme our Numerical Optimization software

  • Numerical Optimization softwares made by Optimal Computing
  • Numerical Optimization C++ API
  • Numerical Optimization Excel Addin
  • Numerical Optimization Stand-alone Interface

Numerical Optimization

We develop genetic algorithms and neural networks based tools. We provide expertise in analysing your needs and helping you to setup your specific methodology

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Big Data

We have a large expertize in Big data including data capture, storage, analysis, security and visualization.

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Cloud Computing

We are used to deploy IT solutions on the cloud while managing the work load at a specific time. We are specialized with the Amazon Cloud.

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Software & mobile apps

We build mobile and desktop solutions for any business application.

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Smart Building

We have experience in smart building, passive building and near zero energy buidings, building monitoring and automation.

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Business application

We provide desktop and web-based application to manage your resources (ERP).

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