low-code development platform to build your own cross-platform software with clicks, drag and drops in a few days.

Artificial intelligence

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for enhanced decision-making.

Object detection

Achieve precise object detection and analysis effortlessly with our intuitive tools.


Streamline project planning for optimal resource allocation and timeline management.


Visualize data dynamically through interactive charts, facilitating insightful analysis.


Generate comprehensive reports to drive data-driven decision-making effortlessly.

Data processing

Accelerate data processing tasks for seamless operations and peak performance.

Visualia is developed with the support of the Walloon Region Research.

Numerical optimization efficiently and automatically finds the best solution for a given application using simulation software.

Sequence optimization

This algorithm is capable to take into account the various constraints meet in typical industrial applications such as forcing a sequence before or after another one, having an imposed operation position in the sequence or grouping operations.

Faster solutions

Solve tasks that would take humans days or weeks.

Artificial Intelligence

Xtreme can be applied to any discipline, to applications involving multiple physics and multiple disciplines.