Participation to the UMons Workshop IA

In this application, an IA edge system for intelligent home is developped. The goal is to develop a system capable to identify a user allowed to use other services available inside the house. The 2 services are: a system capable to detect fire or start of fire inside the house, while the second one allows to identify objects inside the house: glasses, wallet, remote control and keys.

The system is also capable to send notification when a person is identified or when a fire is detected. Finally, the application was deployed on Jetson Xavier. This was a excellent experience working with 4 team mate in the context of the Workshop IA organized by the university of Mons (UMons) in the Hands On IA program. A unique human and technical experience in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to Sandrine, Didier, Marcel and Jonathan we got the ‘Performance Award’ in this challenge