We build your software solution

At Optimal Computing, we excel in delivering tailored solutions. From custom app development using Visualia to leveraging artificial intelligence and Xtreme for numerical optimization, our focus is on efficiency and innovation.

With a dynamic approach and a dedicated team, we ensure every project exceeds expectations. Trust us to craft the future of your business with precision and professionalism.

Audit check lists and digital quality insurance

This application allows creating work instructions, executing work instructions, constructing nice looking layouts.

It includes various approved functionalities for managing audit check lists inside real manufacturing lines, interact with the ERP systems, manage versioning and approval and many more.

Digital field visits

This application contains all required operations for small and medium construction companies: initial sales visit, make the meters, takes photographs, annotate images, import architects plans, digitalize the work execution, update de planning and fully automatically creates reports ready for the architects and final costumers.

This application seamless runs on Windows and tablets.

Tinnitus treatment exercices

This application was developed for a customer having develop a treatment for a percentage of persons suffuring of tinnitus.

The final user is able to identify its tinnitus and the application construct some exercises to try to improve and decrease the tinnitus.

This applications runs on Windows, android phones, iPhone and MacOSX.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

This software provides a small ERP including managing the customer database and the tasks related to the commercial aspects.