Our company

Optimal Computing is an SME established in Belgium in 2008, in the Walloon region. It develops a new generation low-code platform, VISUALIA, allowing the design of software and mobile or web applications 10 times faster than by the traditional IT approach.

Optimal Computing specializes in software application development. We have a large experience in the design of software with an important component related to data science, artificial intelligence, algorithms in general and engineering.

Optimal Computing also specializes in providing artificial intelligence solutions to its customers. We also develop and provide an IA-driven numerical optimization software called Xtreme

Optimal Computing regularly participates in European research projects and is labeled for “cheques entreprise” in the Walloon region and IA expert in the Walloon region

Meet our team !

Optimal Computing team is composed of profiles of PhD, engineers, masters in data science and bachelors in computer science

The expertise and complementarity of our team members

allows us to best meet the needs of our customers